Marcy Utility Bench | SB-10900

The heavy duty Marcy Utility Bench is an abdominal trainer that focuses on your core during lifts. It targets chest, back muscles, shoulders, biceps, and abs. The Marcy Utility Bench is set at fixed angles to sculpt and tone your abs as you strengthen the chest and arms.

High-quality foam is used for the bench, and sturdy vinyl covering to ensure comfort during workouts.

  • Maximum weight capacity: 600 lbs. (weights + user weight)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 43.75" L x 35.5" W x 42.5" H

The Marcy Utility Bench SB-10900 by Marcy is conveniently adjustable to vary your workout


The bench is adjustable to suit needs of various users. Although adjustable, heavy duty compact frame retains its shape, ensuring durability.


The Marcy Utility Bench SB-10900 has a comfortable back pad

Back Pad

The back pad is made with high-density foam and double stitched so it won't tear easily, providing optimal comfort. Soft and sturdy, it endures intense training.


The Marcy Utility Bench SB-10900 adds variety to your workout with incline, flat and Military positions


The sturdy and durable feet keep the trainer steady, making it perfect for heavy-duty training. It grips hard on the surface so the equipment won't slip during use.


The Marcy Utility Bench SB-10900 has thick padding for extended comfort


The seat is made with high-density upholstery providing excellent comfort. Smooth vinyl covering is easy to clean and won't tear easily even with repeated use.


The Marcy Utility Bench SB-10900 by Marcy with model


The durable, compact frame and angled design are fit for heavy training. The tubular steel frame is constructed to withstand intense workouts.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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