2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar | Marcy SCB-248

Enhance your home gym workouts with the Marcy SCB-248 2-piece Standard Super Curl Bar.

This solid steel, chrome plated, threaded bar offers varying padded rubber hand grip positions to ensure comfort and versatility when lifting in a standing position or on a weight bench. Threaded chrome spin lock collars make for easy weight plate changes and a safe weight lifting equipment experience in home gyms.

At 47 inches in length and 12 pounds in weight, the Marcy 2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar could not be easier to assemble; simply join the two center ends together using the provided connector piece for a full-size bar that will make a great a great addition to any free weight set or collection of exercise equipment for home use.

  • 47" standard 2-piece curl bar
  • Fits all standard 1" plates
  • Threaded chrome collars
  • 2-year limited warranty

2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar by Marcy

Sturdy Construction

Solid steel with standard chrome plated threaded bar. 


2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar by Marcy with model

Comfortable and Versatile

Curved bar for various hand grip positions.


2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar by Marcy with threaded lock collars for safety

Securing Weights

Threaded spin lock collars secures weight in place.


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