Standard Curl Bar & Dumbbell Handle Set | Marcy SDC-10.1

Customize your weight training routine with the help of the Marcy SDC-10.1 Standard Curl Bar & Dumbbell Handle Set. This must-have piece of workout equipment for home gyms offers a variety of additions to your home gym equipment collection: a sturdy pair of dumbbell set handles, a strategically designed bar bell handle and six convenient spring clips. All three handles are made of hollow chrome steel for maximum durability and the convenience of being able to customize strength training exercises in the comfort of your own home will get you feeling and looking good in no time. Add any combination of standard plates for a complete free weight set.

  • Hollow chrome steel curl bar with spring clip collars
  • Two hollow chrome steel dumbbell handles with spring clip handles
  • Weights sold separately


The Standard Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handle Set SDC-10 1 by Marcy allows you to do a wider variety of exercises which will complete the best home gym

Set Includes

47" chromed steel, standard curl bar, (2) 14" hollow, chromed steel, standard dumbbell handles, and (6) Standard spring clip collars.


The Standard Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handle Set SDC-10 1 includes gripped dumbbell bars for added safety


Durable, ergonomic and light weight bars for beginners. 

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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