50 lb. Kettlebell Set | Marcy VKBS-50

Upgrade your fitness equipment with this Marcy Kettle Bell Set. It delivers an intense workout that can be done in half the time of a traditional workout while producing better results.

This set includes four kettle exercise bells of different weights. It includes a 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb and 20 lb exercise kettle bells.

The powder-coated handle makes these Marcy fitness products more user-friendly, less slippery and easy to transfer from hand to hand. Also, the non-marking premium vinyl-dipped bell protects the floor from scratches or other damage. These fitness items are made of cast iron to offer extended durability and long-lasting performance. This Marcy Kettle Bell Set will make an excellent addition to your home gym set up. 

  • 50-pound kettlebell weight set
  • Solid cast-iron construction with rubber coating
  • Comes with 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-pound weights
  • Improves cardio, strength and flexibility
  • Comes with handy exercise chart


The 50 lbs Kettle Bell Set by Marcy in use - HIIT Kettle Bell curls for conditioning

Large Handles

Comfortable grip that can be held with one or two hands. 


The 50 lbs Kettle Bell Set by Marcy in use - HIIT Kettle Bell swings for conditioning

Impact Resistant

Solid cast iron with rubber coated exterior.


The 50 lbs Kettle Bell Set by Marcy will complete your home gym because it includes a 20 lbs 15 lbs 10 lbs and 5 lbs sized Kettlebells

Weight Set

Includes 5 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb. , and 20 lb. single kettle weights. 

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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