70lbs Resistance Tube | Bionic Body BBRT-0070

The Bionic Body BBRT-0070 70lbs Resistance Tube by Kim Lyons brings a revolutionary approach to at-home strength and cardio training.

Bring a complete home gym with you on the go with this compact resistance tube made of heavy-duty tear-resistant latex. This versatile resistance tube allows you to customize your workout routine and tone your entire body without traditional weight lifting equipment found in home gyms, making it a unique piece of exercise equipment for home use.

The tube is double-coated to insure consistent resistance throughout every step of your exercise routine no matter the intensity level.


Safe Bionic Body 70 lb Resistance Band Outside of the package

Durable and Resilient

All Bionic Body Tubes are created of high quality double-coated latex for consistent resistance and this tear resistant material makes for a safe workout.


Heavy Duty Bionic Body 70 lb Resistance Band in use

Adaptable and Portable

Bionic Body Straps are adaptable for a wide variety of different exercises. Combined with the compact and travel friendly size of this product, it is like a portable home gym!


Long lasting Bionic Body 70 lb Resistance Band Inside of the package

Single Bionic Body Tube

Keep in mind, the package includes a single Bionic Body Tube and all other straps and attachments are sold separately.



This product is not intended for commercial use.

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