Apex Adjustable Kettle Bell - APKB-5009 - Black

  • Apex Adjustable Kettlebell includes 15-lb weighted handle, 4 removable spacer disks and 5-lb bottom plate.
  • It allows for various kettlebell builds ranging between 20 – 50 lbs by replacing 4 removable spacer disks with standard 2.5 lb, 5 lb and 10 lb weight plates (sold separately).
  • This workout weight is built to last. It is made with powder coated cast iron for maximum durability.
  • This multi-function strength training tool provides a traditional u-bar handle for optimal grip control.
  • This exercise equipment is great for lifting, swing, toning and muscle building exercises. 


Kettlebells have proven to be incredibly dynamic and efficient, especially for high-intensity interval training. Apex took the dynamic kettlebell and made it better by making the weights adjustable!


With the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell, you could do Kettlebell Swings, Russian Swings, Goblet Squats, Lunge Presses, and many more workouts with just one kettlebell, adjusting to the perfect weight for each exercise on the fly.


And, if you've never done them before, this kettlebell is ideal for you - start off with a light 20 lbs and work your way up to 50 lbs! Why sacrifice space when you can have multiple kettle bells in one simple package. This exercise equipment is durable, convenient and safe to help you achieve your optimal fitness goal.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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