Door Anchor | Bionic Body BBDA-010

Customize your home gym strength training and cardio workouts with the Bionic Body BBDA-010 Door Anchor by Kim Lyons.

Ideal for any cable-based exercise, the Bionic Body Door Anchor allows you to safely attach bands to the top, bottom or hinge side of any standard door frame. The anchor is encased in heavy-duty, durable nylon to protect doors from abrasions or markings so you can focus on getting the best workout possible.

Attach the Door Anchor to any side of the door and adjust the height for endless exercise possibilities.

Package includes one door anchor and one carabineer clip for quick and easy changes during workouts.

  • Heavy duty and durable nylon fabric
  • Material prevents abrasians and markings on doors and frames
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Includes one Bionic door anchor and a carabineer clip


The Bionic Body door anchor that is small and essential

Heavy Duty

The heavy duty design and durable nylon fabrics extend the life to the Bionic Body Door Anchor


The Bionic Body door anchor will help you get your varied body resistance workout anywhere

Safe for your Door

Designed to prevent abrasions and markings on doors and/or door frames 


The durable Bionic Body door anchor in the package

Compact and Travel-Friendly

Never miss a workout again as the Bionic Body Door Anchor and resistance tubes (not included) are compact and travel-friendly.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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