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Marcy Classic MAT-39 Fitness Flooring offers comfort and support to any home gym. Composed of six 2-by-2-foot foam puzzle tiles, Marcy Classic Fitness Flooring can be easily assembled to a 24 square foot non-skid surface for home gyms. The high-density, low-impact mat is easy to clean and it absorbs both sound and vibration, making it ideal floor padding for your adjustable weight bench, stationary bike or stepper, as well as other pieces of weight lifting equipment or other exercise equipment for home use. This soft and durable surface reduces damage to tile and wood flooring while offering a safe and quiet surface to work out on.

  • High-density, low-impact flooring for the garage or weight room
  • Absorbs sound and vibration while reducing damage to tile or wood floors
  • Durable, nonskid surface keeps the tiles from slipping while in use
  • Comes with 6 interlocking tiles measuring 2-by-2-feet square each
  • 24 total square feet of flooring
  • Expands with purchase of additional tiles

Marcy MAT-39 Fitness Flooring has puzzle like edges for easy connections

Interlocking Edges

The interlocking edges on the MAT-39 Fitness Flooring are both convenient and efficient. These edges offer a simple method to customize the amount of flooring you use at one time, saving you the hassle and space!


Marcy MAT-39 Fitness Flooring has texture for grip purposes

Resiliant and Effective

The soft and durable composition of the MAT-39 Fitness flooring make your surfaces quieter and safer.


Marcy MAT-39 Fitness Flooring is easy to clean and water wipes right off

Convenient and Easy to Clean

Easily clean your mats! These mats are made for absorbing sound and vibration, not dirt. 


This product is not intended for commercial use.

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