Gym Dandy  Teeter Totter | TT-210

The Gym Dandy TT-210 Teeter Totter play set will give children ages 3-13 hours of outdoor entertainment and exercise.

A patented pendulum design offers a smooth rocking seesaw motion while large bumper absorbers reduce impact to prevent injuries.

Large, comfortably padded seats make the Gym Dandy Teeter Totter safer than traditional teeter totters and a playfully colorful design makes it a must-have for any outdoor play area. An easy-to-assemble design makes turning your backyard into your own personal park quicker and simpler than ever before.

The  Gym Dandy Teeter Totter TT-210 has comfortable seats for extended play

Bump absorber

The bump absorber allows for a comfortable play as it reduces the impact.


The Gym Dandy Teeter Totter TT-210 has rubber grips on the handles for safety


The brightly-colored handles are foamed to prevent hand calluses that might result from hours of play.


The  Gym Dandy Teeter Totter TT-210 has a sturdy construction

Fulcrum point

The single fulcrum allows for a more traditional seesaw rocking motion.


The  Gym Dandy Teeter Totter TT-210 can be staked to the ground for added safety

Optional stake

Holes on all four feet of the teeter totter allow it to stay fixed in one position.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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