Marcy Club Deluxe Mid Size Bench | MKB-869

The MKB-869 Deluxe Mid-Sized Bench is built with durable 14 gauge, heavy duty steel tube frame with a black powder coated finish, boxed side construction upholstery with high density foam, and contoured foam roller ankle pads.

It features a four-position padded back rest that can be set to flat, incline or decline, an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad, and a dual function leg developer which targets hamstrings, quadriceps and glute muscle groups. The separate adjustable support rack accepts both olympic and standard sized plate weights and weight bars, and the two-piece design allows for more versatile workouts including walk in squat and lunge exercises.

This bench is perfect for anyone looking to workout every major muscle group with a single bench, and to tone and define their physique while burning calories to lose weight.

  • Two-piece design allowing for more versatile workouts, including walk-in squat and lunge exercises
  • Adjustable preacher curl bicep pad
  • Dual function leg developer with pivot point that aligns with knee joints and contoured foam roller pads
  • Adjustable six position back pad
  • Accepts Standard and Olympic size barbell and weight plates
  • Steel tubing- 2” X 2” 14 gauge square tubing
  • Independently adjustable crutches
  • Upholstery- Boxed side construction with high density foam, and accentuated vinyl Finish
  • Compact frame design with durable construction and powder coating


Weight capacities and dimensions:

- Maximum weight on Crutches: 300 lbs.

- Maximum weight capacity (including user weight) on Bench: 600 lbs.

- Rack assembled dimension: 26” x 43” x 65”

- Bench assembled dimension: 66” x 27” x 39”

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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