Marcy Power Rack and Bench | PM-3800

Work out with ease, burn fat, and gain muscle strength at home with the Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800.

This equipment uses high-tensile hardware and industrial-grade parts for reliable performance and long-lasting durability. The rack features a heavy-duty, 12-gauge, 3-inch welded steel frame. The innovative quad-linkage system offers immediate front-to-rear seat positioning.

A front-tube swivel catch offers leg-lock access for sit-up positions and is great for lower-body exercises. A gravity lock is available too, along with a quick-adjust bar and safety catches for ease of use and extra protection from accidents. A numbered adjustment system and open front-tube/spring-lock access provide more ergonomic functions for your workouts.

The PM-3800 also has adjustable back and seat pads with multiple configurations: incline, decline, flat, and shoulder-press, letting you do a wide variety of bodybuilding exercises from comfortable positions. The PM-3800 is a versatile training tool that allows you to get a full-body workout. The top bar can be used for more than 30 strength-training exercises, like squats and military presses.

The adjustable-height bar and safety catches ensure a proper fit. The handles on the top bar can be used for chin-ups and pull-ups, and the side handles are perfect for dips. Stretch your limbs and go “beast mode” on this ergonomic rack. The power rack’s dip handles, safety catches, and other components boast a chrome-plated finish for added protection against rust during day-to-day use. It also has a high-gloss jet-black powder-coat finish.

The bench has high-density, double-stitched contoured padding that is thick and hard-wearing, for long-lasting comfort during extended use. It also has an open full-cage design, for safe training and injury prevention. Workout intensely when you exercise using the Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has the ability to add optional attachments

Optional attachment

The attachment knob and the front locking mechanism allows for a more varied workout with the option equipment such as leg developer or arm curl station.


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has a bench with adjustable seat pad for comfort

Seat pad adjustment

Adjust the ergonomic seat into multiple configurations -- incline, decline, shoulder press, and flat, depending on your exercise.


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has an adjustable seat to fit any person

Quad linkage system

The unique quad-linkage system allows for fast and easy front-to-rear seat positioning. The front tube swivel catch, on the other hand, allows leg-lock access for sit-up positions.


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has bar catches to deliver a full body workout

Safety Catch

The safety catches are sturdily made and have a chrome-plated finish for rust protection. A gravity lock allows for ease of use and accident prevention.


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has wheels for easy transportation

Transport wheels

Transport wheels make moving from to room easier and allow for a more convenient storage.


Do pull ups on the Marcy Power Rack PM-3800


Do pull-up exercises using the handles on the top bar. Alternate from pull-ups to chin-ups and stretch your limbs to the limit.


The Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 has dip bars for your triceps workout


Engage your core and build your upper body strength with dip exercises using the side handles.


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