Rowing Machine | Marcy NS-40503RW

The Marcy Rowing Machine features an innovative design that allows you to store it compactly, including a quick-release pin and a foldable monitor that locks into position. It also has two built-in transport wheels that allow easy moving and storage when you’re not using the machine.

This saves room and space at home, as you can fold the machine and roll it into a closet or a garage whenever it’s not in use. Burn fat and tone your muscles every time you go for a spin on the Marcy Rowing Machine. This rower will help you to increase your cardiovascular endurance and develop a well-defined upper and lower body. It also allows users to perform workouts in the comfort of their own homes, since they have no more need to go to the gym.

Increase your limb strength and body endurance with the regular use of this state-of-the-art machine.



The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW folds to save space

Foldable Design

A unique foldable design allows you to store the Marcy Rowing Machine in a compact space between workouts.


The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW includes a digital display to help you keep track of your fat burning progress


An easy-to-read LCD panel display offers time, count, total count, calories burned and scan-through options so you can track your progress as you train


The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW has large looped pedals for added safety


Two conveniently placed pedals offer customizable foot straps and a slip-resistant design for comfort and safety.


The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW includes a resistance knob to adjust the intensity of your workouts

Resistance Knob

An easy-to-use resistance knob allows you to choose between eight resistance settings so you can get the most out of your rowing routine.


The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW has transportation wheels to help move the rower easily

Transport Wheels

Two built-in transport wheels allow for easy transportation and storage between workouts.


The Rowing Machine Marcy NS-40503RW has a rubber grip handle so you do not lose grip as you sweat

Row Handles

Ergonomically designed foam-covered row handles prevent slipping so that you can row safely and efficiently


This product is not intended for commercial use.

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