Full Rack, Utility Trainer | SteelBody STB-98010

Not feeling fit lately? It’s time to get back into shape with SteelBody Power Rack.

This fitness equipment targets on multiple muscle groups. Designed to help you get your desired body, this workout equipment offers a variety of strength-training exercises including weight lifting, squats, overhead press, chest press and floor presses.

This power rack helps you shape up and build muscles in the deltoids, biceps, and many more. It provides full-body exercise like no other. You no longer need to travel far just to go a gym. With the SteelBody Power Rack, there is no waiting time. You can exercise at your own pace in your own home. A true space saver; it only takes an ample space in your home. The SteelBody Power Rack is made of premium quality steel.

It features four Olympic weight storage posts that securely keep your weight plates in place. No need to buy an additional cabinet for the plates; all you need is this equipment. You can also place your barbell on the attachment posts thanks to our bar catch.This equipment features a kipping station with padded pull-up grips. It is specifically designed for comfort and safety.

It’s time to step up and reach up to your body goals with SteelBody Power Rack!


  • Targets Multiple Muscle Groups - Whether you're building muscles in the deltoids, biceps, triceps or glutes, the Steelbody Power Rack can assist you in your fitness journey.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - This full rack is built from premium quality steel.
  • Workout at Home - Turn your "home gym" into a professional gym, you can do a variety of compound movements with this sports equipment - overhead press, pull-ups, and squats.
  • Weight Train Safely and Comfortably - This Power Rack consists of padded pull-up grips for optimum comfort and safety and there are solid safety catches along the attachment posts that secure your barbell in place.
  • Easy Installation - You can easily install this sports equipment inside your room or outside.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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