100-Pound Vinyl Weight Set | Marcy VB-100

Get your pump on with the Marcy VB-100 100-Pound Vinyl Weight Set.

This barbell set is a great addition to any weight lifting equipment collection. Paired with any standard utility weight bench set, the Marcy 100-Pound Vinyl Olympic Weight Set allows you to perform a variety of exercises from military presses to curls that will strengthen your chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and other major muscle groups.

The free weight set comes with a 5-foot Olympic weight bar, two 25lb Olympic weights, two 15lb Olympic weights, two 10lb Olympic weights and two spring clip collars for securing the weights, making it an ideal package of workout equipment for home gyms.

All weight plates are encased in vinyl for maximum protection.


  • 100-pound vinyl weight set
  • 2-piece, 5-foot Olympic weight bar
  • Vinyl-encased weight plates for protection
  • Pair of 25lb, 15lb plates and 10lb plates
  • Two spring clip collars

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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