Bionic Body Training Kit w/ Exercise bar, Resistance Tube & Carabiner - BBKT-2020

  • High quality double-coated latex for a safe resistance workout
  • Solid steel bar can be disassembled for portability without any additional tools
  • Adaptable for a wide variety of different exercises
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Includes one 38 inch exercise bar, one 20 lb. Resistance tube and two carabiners

Get a creative full body workout with the Bionic Body exercise bar & 20 lb. Resistance tube training kit developed by Kim Lyons.

This kit includes one sturdy 2-piece bar which is designed to fit all tubes with two carabiners and one 20 lb. Bionic Body resistance tube as a best beginner home workout combination. Upper body workouts include chest press, shoulder press, arm lifts/raises, biceps, triceps, and many more. Perform dead lift, front and back squats for a total lower body workout.

Resistance exercises are the most effective when combining the Bionic Body exercise bar with Bionic Body resistance tubes for building leaner and more defined muscle. Achieve your fitness goal by choosing Bionic Body.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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