Elliptical Trainer | Marcy NS-40501E

The Marcy 40501E Elliptical Trainer allows you to get a full cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. This compact cardio machine offers a small footprint design that allows you to place it into even the most space restrictive rooms. In addition, Conveniently placed transport wheels make it easy to move and store the Elliptical Trainer between workouts.

The Marcy Elliptical Trainer also offers upper body ergonomic handles that switch focus and intensity from legs to arms, allowing you to vary your routine and increase overall body development.



The Marcy NS-40501W Elliptical Trainer includes a display monitor so you can easily track your progress

Display Panel

An easy-to-use battery powered computer display panel offers time, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer and scan-through settings so you can track your progress as you train


The Marcy NS-40501W Elliptical Trainer has multiple handle types to add variation to your cardio workout

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Vinyl-covered foam handles offer a comfortable ergonomic grip that will allow you to train your upper body with ease throughout your entire workout. 


The Marcy NS-40501W Elliptical Trainer has large pedals with grip for increased safety

Oversized Pedals

Train safely with two oversized pedals designed to secure and accommodate feet of all sizes. 


The Marcy NS-40501W Elliptical Trainer is easily adjustable using the resistance knob

Tension Control Knob

A conveniently located tension control knob lets you customize your elliptical training session to suit your fitness needs

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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