SteelBody Flat Bench | STB-10101

Strong. Powerful. Built to last. The SteelBody Flat Bench is a no-nonsense, workout essential built to maximize your strength training success.

Featuring solid steel construction, a durable, high density pad, and heavy-duty legs for maximum stability and support, this industrial-inspired, high quality bench is ideal for beginners and serious home trainers alike. The convenient transport wheels and handle, along with non-marking foot pads and end caps, make the SteelBody Flat Bench ideal wherever you work out.

Combined with a powder-coated finish and the versatility to be added to any rack or cage system, this strength-training staple is sure to be the workhorse of your fitness routine.

  • Heavy duty steel construction and powder-coated finish
  • 2-inch thick padding with a durable faux canvas vinyl covering
  • Transport wheels and transport handle
  • Non-marking foot pads and end caps
  • Can be added to any rack or cage system
  • Max 800 lbs weight capacity (weights + user weights)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 43.5" L x 26.5" W x 17" H

The SteelBody Flat Bench STB-10101 includes wheels for easy transportation


Easily move the bench around using the wheels located at the head of the bench.


The SteelBody Flat Bench STB-10101 includes a handle to easily move the bench around


Convenient handle allows for maximum control while moving your bench to your liking.


The SteelBody Flat Bench STB-10101 is essential for building the best home gym

Sturdy Construction

Heavy duty steel construction and powder coated finish optimize the durability of the SteelBody Flat Bench


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