45 lb. Olympic Bumper Plate | SteelBody STBR-0045

Take your home gym strength training routine to the next level with the SteelBody STBR-0045 45 lb. Olympic Bumper Plate. Designed for use with Olympic-size bars, the SteelBody Olympic Bumper Plate makes for a safe and customizable addition to your weight lifting equipment collection. Like all SteelBody Olympic weights, this durable plate is made of 100% solid rubber that is both dense and flexible to prevent plate fracturing caused by high-impact drops, making it ideal for home gyms.

A 1.5" stainless-steel center sleeve offers safe and easy weight plate changes on any Olympic-size bar and an Olympic size makes it a great accessory for use with any Olympic weight bench and Olympic weight set. Designed for use with Olympic-size bars Made of 100% solid rubber Dense, flexible construction to help minimize plate fracturing caused by high-impact drops 1.5" stainless-steel center sleeve 17.75" diameter

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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